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For swimming pool service & pool repair in Benton, LA & the Shreveport Area

There are few things worse than having a pool but being unable to get in and enjoy. If you need pool repair or service work, then you don't want to wait around for it. Tiger Pools & Spas will provide you with any needed pool repairs in Benton, LA, and we'll do everything quickly.

As soon as you notice that your pool needs a repair or if you think it's overdue for maintenance, reach out to us. Don't let small issues turn into something more costly. Schedule pool service or a repair right away.

Keep up with your pool

Keep up with your pool

Tiger Pools & Spas offers any repair work or servicing that your pool needs. Our pool services in Benton, LA include:

  • Changing the sand in the filter
  • Replacing valves
  • Replacing pumps
  • Changing out any broken or worn equipment
  • Re-plastering your pool

We will also check to make sure everything is functioning properly and your pool meets all safety regulations. Contact us today and get back in your pool as soon as possible.